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Our Clients are a happy bunch of satisfied customers who endorse our values,

commitment towards wellbeing and speak a lot about our philosophy and policy!


Smile D Miles” – That’s the motto at NeevWellbeing Dental Clinics.

 During my last visit to the clinic, I was smiling ear to ear because along with the treatment I got some calm and comforting music to hear!! 

I am really thankful to Dr. Radhesh Rao for listening patiently to my daily dental related woes and helping me recover with the timely treatment. 


happy feeling along with the healing was my experience at  NeevWellbeing Dental Clinic.

The spic and span surrounding gives you immense optimistic vibes. The positive moving music in the background makes the place further reassuring. The experienced doctors ensure the patients are always relieved and relaxed while being treated and recuperate as fast as possible.


NeevWellbeing Dental Clinic is ‘one stop shop’ that is equipped technically and professionally to address any kind of dental problem. I am thankful to my colleague who referred me to this modern day dental clinic with latest technology and team of experienced doctors. I had a very satisfactory experience and got rid of a nagging dental complication. I suggested my parents to try this clinic and today, they keep blessing me for the same. The doctors handled the implants sessions with patience and utmost care. 


I have been visiting the NeevWellbeing Dental Clinic from a long time and have also taken my kids there. The support staff are cordial and the doctors are caring. 

What really amazed me during my last visit was the introduction of music therapy.

It’s such a soothing experience and it definitely helped me relax and forget that I was undergoing some treatment. 


Earlier one would just ‘Feel D Heal’ at the NeevWellbeing Dental Clinic…., 

These days there is a new zeal… 

Yes, the soul touching music in the background is simply divine!!

While the expertise of the doctors always takes care of your problem….the music therapy is a heart touching experience during the treatment!


Latest Technology and New Techniques have always been the hallmark of NeevWellbeing Dental Clinic.

Patients have always benefited immensely from the same. The doctors are warm and comforting. I recently recommended them to my neighbor. Guess what?? Since her return from the clinic she has been singing praises about the new music therapy at the clinic. Dr. Prabha, you definitely raise the bar!!

Sandeep Bendre

I would highly recommend this clinic especially Dr. Prerna Karde for dental treatment. I had to undergo a root canal and capping treatment and Dr. Prerna Karde was very supportive & helpful throughout the treatment. Post completion of the treatment, I am extremely satisfied with the result!

Mansi Shelar

The doctors are very supportive and they make sure that it must be only a one-time investment for their patients. Dr. Prerna is the best I have ever met, she is the one who cured me and now I can eat anything I want to. The team possesses excellent skills and they assure this by being perfect in the work they do. For your visit to the dentist, I will highly recommend this clinic for dental treatment. Thank you!

Sushil Puniyani

Chembur Dental clinic at Shell Colony – is a dental clinic with two dental chairs and two doctors on duty. The RCT with Zirconium tooth cap was excellently done by Dr. Kinjal. She is very good with her work and extremely polite with her patients. The clinic is very clean and hygienic. They also strictly follow all the COVID guidelines.

Mayank Pawani

Dr. Dhruvin suggested solutions with better efficiency to save a live tooth rather than jumping directly into the root canal. He walked me through the procedure, time, as well as cost and stuck to it. I am very much happy with my treatment and would recommend Vakola Dental Clinic.

Melville DCosta

I went to the Vakola Dental Clinic after seeing the reviews on the internet. The dentist who attended me was Dr. Hasim Qureshi; he would immediately put me at ease with his friendly nature. He dedicatedly and willingly patiently replied to all the queries put to him related to the treatment to be done. My root canal procedure went smoothly without any pain, all thanks to him!


This clinic is a very good clinic for taking care of all your dental problems. Dr. Rancella D’Silva was my dentist who operated on my tooth and performed root canal treatment on it. She is very soft-spoken and holds great knowledge of the work she does. I did visit her multiple times and she handled my case very well.


Due to a medical condition, I lost all my teeth. So lucky to have to get in touch with Mahim Dental Clinic; Dr. Chandraprabha Kumar and her entire team who are just brilliant! I have never experienced such extensive work done which was virtually pain-free and total value for money. I used to shudder to go for dental procedures but not anymore! Thank you, Dr. Chandraprabha Kumar and the entire team for sorting out my dental problems!

Mrs. M N Dumasia

Dr. Shreya is very experienced, talented, caring, and a very good doctor. I am very happy with her treatment and service. She guides very nicely. She also explains everything very patiently. Her friendly nature makes the patients very comfortable. She handled my mom (a senior citizen) with extreme care and patience that now I am convinced that she is very talented and experienced. Also, she did a great job with my teeth as well, I can eat everything now. I shall genuinely recommend the Mahim Dental Clinic & to visit Dr. Shreya to all who have been having any sort of dental problems. She is the best doctor I have come across so far!  Very happy to have met with a doctor with so many qualities! Thank you!

Shweta Deshmukh

Skilled doctors with helpful and cooperative staff. The best clinic to visit for all dental-related problems. I am very thankful to Dr. Siddhant for the best treatment.

Mehul Mehta

It was a good experience, Dr. Prabha and all the team members are very good. From doing RC to fixing the cap all the procedures went very smoothly and Dr. Prabha personally makes sure that the patients do not have to face any issues after the treatment. She personally messages her patients and asks about their well-being. 

Florence Miranda

Vakola Dental Clinic (Dr. Prabha Kumar) is the best! I am giving a 5-star rating with regards to the treatment & quality care I have received. Dr. Prabha gives you honest advice. Also, the front desk madam is kind and always reminds you of your appointments which helps us so that we do not skip them. It’s a pleasure to stop & leave with a clean smile!

Sindhu Kotian

Very clean and hygienic space with friendly staff and excellent treatment. Doctors are very helpful and took great care of me while doing my tooth job. They make you feel relaxed and most importantly you suffer from minimum pain which is bearable. Thanks to Dr. Radhesh Rao and Dr. Chandraprabha for my dental implant and removal of wisdom tooth. 

Yogesh Mahajan

Very professional service. Doctor Rao always gave sound advice and guidance. I would absolutely recommend this clinic for anyone looking for a good dental treatment. He explained all the options available very patiently along with the pros and cons. He cares for his patients a lot. We are very satisfied that we visited his clinic. Thank you very much Doctor Rao.

Dharmendra Gupta

My mother completed her root canal treatment at Dr. Radhesh Rao’s clinic. He is very calm and polite in nature. He is concerned of his patient’s comfort and ensured the painless root canal treatment of my mother. The treatment was done hassle free and without any hurry unlike other doctors. Overall the experience of the root canal treatment was good and more over the doctor does not direct one towards unnecessary costly treatment options.


I saw Dr. Radhesh Rao’s profile on Practo and decided to visit him as his clinic was very close to my place. The doctor diagnosed my gum bleeding problem to formation of gaps between the teeth and gums. He gave me an exact picture of what was happening and prescribed deep gum cleansing. I had 2 sittings for the same that were rather painless. I will be back for a wisdom tooth extraction too. Overall a good experience and would recommend him for dental treatments.

Ayan Gangopadhyay

Dr. Rao is very calm and supportive in nature. He clearly pointed out to me which teeth needs to be addressed and how. The root canal treatment was painless and pretty smooth. The medications that he gave me prior to the root canal also healed my initial tooth pain. Overall this clinic is a must to go for your dental checkups without a second thought.

Mr. Vijay Kokate

I visited Dr. Radhesh Rao for dental cavity filling. He is very friendly in approach. He also has all the modern tools for diagnosing complex problems related to teeth. He puts his 200% efforts to get positive results with tireless approach.

Vinit Bhatt

I visited Dr. Radhesh Rao’s clinic for bleeding gums problem. The overall experience was very good. He explained everything, took his own time to examine. No unnecessary clean up or other treatment recommended by him.

Shreyas Das

I got my dental filling done from Dr. Radhesh Rao. He is the coolest dentist I have ever met. He is very patient and thorough with the dental check-up. He gave a detailed review of the check-up and arranged for a suitable plan for the further check-up and dental treatment.

Prince John

I visited Dr. Rao for dental cleaning. He is very professional, does what is required. He answers all the queries. He also gives important tips on how to care of teeth. Overall, it was a good experience.


I visited Dr. Rao for my toothache. He listened to my doubts very patiently. He explained everything to me in a layman language which made me understand better. He was very soft spoken and explained the cause of my pain and how will he treat and how the procedure would be. I would highly recommend Dr. Radhesh Rao and his clinic for dental treatment.