‘Wellbeing of Humans’ is the most important aspect for humanity to be in harmony.

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Wellbeing of Humans’ is the most important aspect for humanity to be in harmony.
The origin of wellbeing lies in health, happiness, hope(positivity) and holistic growth.

We at NEEVWELLBEING have been committed to this principle since the time of inception and will always be. Our policy and practice resonate with our philosophy.

We believe to ensure the wellbeing facet at the community level (at each of our centre) and that when
multiplied will carry forward and confirm the all inclusive wellbeing aspect across humanity .







Our Mission

To provide excellent quality health care service and ensure wellbeing in the community by making it affordable.

Our Vision

To be the hallmark when it comes to advanced yet affordable healthcare.

Dr. Chandraprabha Kumar

At NeevWellbeing, the focus is always on health, wellness and happiness! When we launched the first branch of The Dental Clinic at Vakola, we promised ourselves, all the stake holders that we will strive to set a benchmark in healthcare industry. Today, we are proud that we are in the reckoning when it comes to MultiSpeciality Dental and Cosmetic Clinic. Our team endeavours and ensures customers satisfaction as the epicentre of all their efforts. I am truly amazed and thankful for the same. We will continue to upgrade our techniques and scope of services to cater to the varied demands in this vertical.
Yes, we are there to take care of you and treat you for any problem but I would request everyone to make dental hygiene a routine. Take care of your gums and teeth and get yourself checked the moment you sense/ feel any kind of pain. After all, a stich in time saves nine!

Dr. Radhesh Rao

Today, health care and overall well-being is of paramount importance. At The Dental Clinic, our intent and the effort has always been to improve the holistic wellness of the community. Our clinics have been exemplary in all aspects of quality, service and commitment and this is manifested and mirrored in our integrated clinical practice. Going forward, we will continue the good work and strive our best to always protect and promote the all-embracing elements of welfare!
As health consultants, we always advise never ever procrastinate a problem, and it is more so in case of dental care. So get a timely checkup to ensure the issues are tacked at the initial stage. We are living in the times where ‘precaution prevents panic’. Therefore, pragmatism lies in self-care and adherence to the protocols advised to stay safe and secured.

Jab Oral Hygiene Ho Daily Reet, Teeth ki Hamesha Hogi Jeet!


The Dental Do’s

If you want your teeth to be fine, always brush after you dine.

If as a kid and teen, you keep your teeth clean…. as an adult you will surely win!


Whatever be the rush, don’t forget to brush. Please ensure to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day.


Avoid sharp objects to clean teeth, gums after chewing food. Instead use floss. Flossing your teeth at least once a day will safeguard the teeth against decay.


Reducing your intake of sugar reduces many possible dental problems.


As advised since long, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables always keeps you overall fit and healthy.


Always say a big NO to tobacco products and that will be a big YES to healthy Gums and Teeth.


It is advisable to try and drink fluoridated water.


A stich in time saves nine. Consult the dentist for professional dental care in time and you shall be fine!


Listen to the advice of your Mom, Will help you avoid ‘storm in the gum’